Driver is a human being and every body knows that human body has it’s own limits. In this pick drop profession, drivers are usually paid very low salary rather they were paid commission an the basis of number of trips completed and by some transporters they were given the fix money to cover the whole trip which includes diesel charges, toll tax etc. But in that process drivers always compromise with the quality service in following manners:

1. They often try to cover maximum trips, more the trips more the commission, without taking proper rest and sleep.

2. Often skip food, as after consuming food they usually feel sleepy.

3. Some of them use intoxicants to avoid sleep.

4. Try to avoid use of AC, as AC consume more diesel and that goes from their own pocket and not from owner’s pocket.

5. Usually drive the vehicle over speed, as more the speed more the number of trips per month.

So from all the above said facts, it is clear that before boarding the Pick Drop Cab one must ensure that the driver of the cab is not practicing the above  practices.


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